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I first was introduced to energy healing in 2018. I knew there was something inside of me that wanted to learn more and I often say "I did not find energy medicine, it found me". 

I began my studies with Healing Touch and finished my certification in May 2021. With this accomplishment I proudly became a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner.  In my ventures to learn more, I also studied Reiki and am a Reiki Master.

More recently I have become certified in Sound Healing with using my sound bowls, crystal triangles and tuning forks. I have found using these together or separately with energy healing is a great addition to my practice.

I have used and studied essential oils for years for myself and my family and along the way I decided to create my own line of natural wellness products, which my store is called Teresa's Natural Living. I started out making rollerblends and sugar scrubs and it has definitely grown since then. I invite you to check out my online store.

I have always been one to help others and I continue to learn and grow with my energy and frequency healing, so that I can find what each individual person needs to help and guide them.  If you would like to learn more, please reach out to me.

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