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Teresa's Guided Solutions, LLC

Crystal Singing Bowls- 15 Minute Add-On

Crystal Singing Bowls- 15 Minute Add-On

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**This is a 15 Minute Add-On to any other service**


Crystal Singing bowls are made of quartz and tuned to the body’s chakra centers. They help to repair, open, heal and balance those centers. When you use quartz crystal chakra singing bowls, they facilitate the flow of energy freely in your body, eliminating any blockages that may be causing you physical or emotional issues. They produce sound frequencies that restore, optimize and balance the energy flow in all parts of your body. This, in turn, stimulates your immune system to work better.

Crystal Singing bowls emit high vibration tones that produce healing frequencies which in turn benefit the body. They can help with muscle regeneration, pain in joints, brain fog, improve circulation, relieve pain in joints, and even improve digestion, release stress and anxiety, meditating, cleanse the chakras, and improve body system function
Sound therapy is a remarkable and natural technique that can help your body, mind and spirit without invasive procedures.

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