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Teresa's Guided Solutions, LLC

Tuning Fork Frequency Session-15 Minute Add-On

Tuning Fork Frequency Session-15 Minute Add-On

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**15 Minute Add-On to any Service**


The Benefits of Tuning Forks for Healing

The use of tuning forks for healing has many benefits.  Tuning forks help to tune the body’s natural cycle to bring the body back to its natural state of balance.  It activates and promotes one’s life force energy so that it can flow freely and release any energetic blockages.  It helps to balance the nervous system by aligning the right and left brain which will help to improve cognition and clear thinking.  Tuning forks also help in repairing your DNA, reduce stress levels, anxiety, muscle pains, inflammation, headaches, migraines, joint pain, chronic pain, tiredness and digestive problems.  Tuning forks blend well with sound massage, meditation and energy work.


$125 for a one hour session

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